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Avid reader, compulsive writer | Communitarian, Agrarian, Distributist | “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”
A Happy Family (1944), painting by Eugenio Zampighi from Wikimedia Commons

Reflections on three narratives of family.

As of this writing, me and my wife’s baby girl is less than a month away from being born. Additionally, I have to admit that I am afraid that heading into another COVID fall and winter, our church will soon return to online-only worship again. …

Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

Modern self-improvement is a counterproductive scam.

There is a growing tendency for people who feel dissatisfied with themselves or the world around them to set off on an unrelenting quest of self-improvement. …

“Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich (1817) from Wikimedia Commons

…sort of. Here’s what the Enlightenment’s prophet of doom got right, and where he went wrong.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is the closest thinker to a prophet that the Enlightenment era produced. …

Photo by Khashayar Kouchpeydeh on Unsplash

Technocracy and ideology have replaced transcendence, and that is killing our society

Scientists and experts, by and large, deserve a great deal of respect. Unfortunately, our modern society tends to treat them as thought they have all the answers, rather than as people who are especially effective at achieving goals that are set by those qualified to do so. Science alone is…

The anti-capitalist critiques of capitalism are deserved, but without looking at the broader liberal ideology, they’re also incomplete

Image by Hhemken from Wikimedia Commons

Capital is an abstract parasite, an insatiable vampire and zombie maker; but the living flesh it converts into dead labor is ours, and the zombies it makes are us.
— Mark Fisher

Over the past week or so, the term capitalist realism has been popping up in online discourse a…

What the Church keeps getting wrong in their appeals to young people, and what they can do instead.

Photo by Janaya Dasiuk on Unsplash

The Springtide Research Institute’s report, The State of Religion and Young People (hereafter referred to as “the report”), has led to all sorts of hand-wringing and fretting from church leaders and youth pastors across the country. …

Photo by Michael Foran, from Wikimedia Commmons

20 years of war should have prompted a reevaluation of American foreign policy and power. So why are so few willing to have that conversation?

I want to be clear about something from the start of this: I do not know what the perfect way we could have left Afghanistan was. I have no doubt that the withdrawal could have been more graceful — particularly, I think it’s obvious that our visa system is an…

Image by Fusion Medical Animation from Unsplash

I’m vaccinated. I’m left-leaning. But liberals’ embrace of draconian COVID policies and failure to reasonably assess risk is out of control.

Rebecca Firlit’s story is insane. It truly infuriated me when I first read it, and it still does.

Living in Chicago, Rebecca Firlit is the mother of an 11 year-old son who she shared joint-custody of with her ex-husband. On August 10, she and her ex-husband attended a standard hearing…

Photo by Kallerna from Wikimedia Commons

They’re simple, elegant, & environmentally friendly. They also bust the myth of an easy green transition.

A reel mower is more work than a gas mower; only someone who’s never used one would deny that. Their cutting width is normally thinner, you have to mow more regularly (often once every four or five days), and you’ll probably have to double- or triple-back over rougher, thicker patches…

How totalitarians use comfort to smother dissent and meaningful change

Photo by Jesse Young on Unsplash

Both its rules and its ruthlessness will be shaped and checked by the West’s cultural individualism and its political emphasis on human rights. But it will still have an authoritarian edge — a gently despotic aspect — under a banner that isn’t the red of Communism or the black and…

Ryan Lindsey

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