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Avid reader, compulsive writer | Tolstoy, Hauerwas, & D. B. Hart | “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


  • alvarojmartinezr


  • Steve Mino

    Steve Mino

    Graphic designer making a living creating and being original.

  • Jack Luna

    Jack Luna

    I’m more than just a writer. Don’t bother looking for me on Twitter. This is my home at the moment.

  • Vijaya Shree Raja Sekaran

    Vijaya Shree Raja Sekaran

    Data Scientist • Business Analyst • Ex-amazonian

  • Chris Spangle

    Chris Spangle

    @werlibertarians Podcast Host. The Patdown Podcast Co-Host. Links:

  • Devotable


    Devotable is a collection of writers who create daily devotion content that uplifts believers and spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

  • Germán García Aguilar

    Germán García Aguilar

    Economist. Revenue manager at PRETUR SA, and Lecturer in Public Policy at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

  • Ezra Sassaman

    Ezra Sassaman

    Kripalu yoga teacher

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